YSL L'Homme Le Parfum EDP 100ML

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YSL L'Homme Le Parfum EDP is an absolutely seductive perfume that, in the second you put it on, almost has a magnetic effect on your surroundings. The dark and deep notes of wood make it extremely masculine, and are the perfect match for the refined, sophisticated and uncompromising man who goes up in himself and his appearance. In addition, it is enriched with notes from cardamom that do not take over the scent but make it warm and spicy. In between the intense notes, the lemon, basil, geranium and the ozonic notes appear, lifting the entire perfume so that it comes in perfect harmony and is balanced when it hits the skin.

An elegant and not least sensual scent that makes you the man you turn to when you pass by and the wind takes your scent with you.

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