Iconic Mini Lip Wardrobe Set

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A lipstick set that features four mini lipstick charms in charlotte’s iconic shades.

What it does:

This lipstick set features Travel Size Matte Revolution Pillow Talk, Matte Revolution Pillow Talk Medium, Matte Revolution Walk of No Shame, and Matte Revolution Red Carpet Red. Antioxidant Lipstick Tree extract hydrate and condition your lips. 3D glowing pigments give you the illusion of lit-from-within lips. Long-lasting, hydrating and moisturising. A blend of oils, triglycerides and waxes give you buildable, long-lasting colour for up to 10 hours!

What it includes:

  • Matte Revolution Pillow Talk
  • Matte Revolution Pillow Talk Medium
  • Matte Revolution Walk of No Shame
  • Matte Revolution Red Carpet Red
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