Buffy Ryder Exfoliating Body Scrub with Superfine Sand + Fruit Enzymes

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Buff the rough and bring the smooth with this tropical-inspired skin treat. A gentle, effective blend of exfoliants and fruit enzymes form this indulgent body scrub that refines, renews, and leaves skin silky and smooth. Rich shea butter and conditioning oils add a nourishing touch.

  • Here’s the scoop: Its decadent formula performs double duty to both polish and soften; the Caribbean-inspired ingredients are an ideal balance between gentle and effective
  • The luscious texture massages skin and easily rinses clean
  • An indulgent mixture of exfoliants, enzymes, and oils helps deliver healthy-looking, glowing skin
  • Antioxidant and vitamin C-packed Barbados cherry extract helps rejuvenate skin
  • Features a warm, deliciously tropical scent reminiscent of caramel and guava
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